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It is not too far-fetched to predict that we'll all be wearing computers on our bodies at some point in the future. We can't predict yet what form or shape those computers will be. Perhaps we'll wear some sort of Dick Tracey-style communicators on our wrist, perhaps the wristwatch will gradually morph into a mobile data communication center. Perhaps sunglasses will contain not only screens but whole computers. As is, there is a large variety of wearable computers out there, and they generally fall into three categories. 1) No nonsense industrial designs that are essentially mobile computers adapted to the body, 2) somewhat more futuristic concepts such as wearable displays and such, and 3) the far-out futuristic concepts. Over the years, Pen Computing has covered all aspects of wearable computing in a series of columns, product reviews, and overviews. In this section we'll present some of those columns and reviews.

May 2001, issue 39:
Tomorrow's wearables
April 2000, issue 33
Why a wearable?
August 1999, issue 29
Previewing the Xybernaut Mobile Assistant IV
June 1999, issue 28
Greetings, programs!

-Rick Johnson

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