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(2003 Buyer's Guide, September 2003)

Two Technologies * Rugged handheld terminals and computer products for global applications.

Acer America Corp * Check out the Acer TravelMate C110 Convertible Tablet PC.

TravRoute * CoPilot - The Evolution of Navigation!

Bachman Software * Essential printing and file management software for Palm and Pocket PC.

BGO Development * Now your PDA stays put!

DataViz * Compatibility. Instantly.

E&B Cases * Our cases provide the ultimate in portability.

Electrovaya * The Tablet PC with 8 to 16 hour battery life.

First International Computer America * Free at last! Experience the SlateVision Tablet PC.

Gunze USA * A wide variety of touch panel and electrolumenescent backlighting products.

Handmark * Tools and toys for a mobile generation.

Hitachi * Mobilize your world with VisionPlate.

Infinite Peripherals * Providers of custom receipt printing solutions.

Intermec Technologies * Expect more with the Intermec 700 Color.

IS/complete * Leading software developer for the handheld and enterprise market.

Itronix * Worldclass wireless hardware and software computing solutions.

Landware * A development and marketing company for quality commercial handheld solutions.

Logotec Engineering * Mobile@Connector - Connect your Pocket PC with your database.

Microsoft * It's a laptop. It's a simple pad and pen. It's a Tablet PC.

Mobile Planet * Online superstore for all things mobile and handheld.

NEC * The thinnest, lightest Tablet PC yet.

Panasonic * Rugged Panasonic Toughbook notebooks and handhelds.

PhatWare * PenOffice, Notes, CalliGrapher.

Pilot Corp of America * The ultimate pens and styli.

Psion Teklogix * Global provider of enterprise mobile computing solutions and devices.

RhinoSkin * Case solutions for mobile technologies.

RoadWired * Compact carryall phone/PDA organizers.

Stevens Creek Software * Conduct business anywhere with handheld Office software!

Textware * The fastest text entry for PDAs and pen computers.

Xplore Technologies * Ruggedized mobile computing at its toughest.

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