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Pen Computing Magazine was founded in 1993 and covered the mobile and handheld industries in a bi-monthly print publication for the next 12 years. After 9/11 and the crash, the environment for print magazines changed dramatically. The web became the primary source of information, from news, to reviews to features. Having been online since 1995 and thus having significant online experience and a vast archive of mobile computing information, we decided we could better serve the handheld, rugged and mobile computing industries and their customers and followers via a number of dedicated technology and niche market websites.

We are running the following content websites:

All sites are free and supported through context-sensitive advertising and industry site sponsorships.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact us via email. The Rugged PC Review Sponsorship Media Kit is viewable as a PDF (Click here to view). Similar sponsorships are available for our other sites, ranging from premier sponsor levels to simple banners or sponsor links.

Pen Computing is an archive and news/review source for all areas of mobile computing. It includes:

  • Mobile computing news
  • Huge review archive
  • Windows Mobile
  • Palm OS section
  • Tablet PC section
  • Industry leaders
  • Case studies
  • Blogs and columns
  • Q&A
  • Technology primers

    500,000 page views/month

  • is a clearinghouse and buyer's guide for rugged mobile computing. It includes:

  • Rugged industry news
  • All rugged handhelds
  • All rugged notebooks
  • All rugged slates
  • Definitions
  • Industry leaders
  • Ruggedness testing
  • In-depth reviews
  • Technology primers
  • Capsule reviews

    60,000 page views/month

  • Handheld Computing is an archive and review source on handheld computing and gadgets. It includes:

  • Product news
  • Huge review archive
  • PDAs & smartphones
  • Notebooks and tablets
  • Gizmos and gadgets
  • Digital cameras
  • GPS/mapping
  • Roundups
  • iPod and MP3 players
  • Columns and features

    150,000 page views/month (est)

  • Digital Camera is a news and review source on all aspects of digital photography hardware and software. It includes:

  • Digital camera news
  • Detailed camera reviews
  • Camera roundups
  • Imaging technology
  • Columns
  • How to's
  • Tips and tricks
  • Book reviews
  • Photo features

    200,000 page views/month (est)

  • Digital Camera Roundup is a clearinghouse for detailed digital camera and imaging reviews. It includes:

  • Digital imaging news
  • Manufacturer pages
  • Detailed camera reviews
  • Camera roundups
  • Digital imaging columns
  • Tips & Tricks
  • How to section
  • Reference
  • Camera store

    25,000 page views/month

  • is your all-in-one information source for scuba diving and equipment. It includes:

  • Daily scuba news
  • Blogs
  • Info on all equipment
  • Dive trip reports
  • Scuba book reviews
  • Underwater camera reviews
  • Image albums
  • Scuba reviews
  • Diveshop of the month
  • Scuba destinations

    35,000 page views/month