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Palm's m125 hits the street

September 20, 2001
Palm today announced the new m125, long pre-rumored on the Internet. It comes with a slick new faceplate and a rubberized cover, but the real value is inside, with its 33MHz Dragonball processor, 8MB RAM, an SD card slot, and USB HotSync through its Universal connector. Price will be US$249, a bit high for the category, but it might fit a niche, since it offers a lot more than the m105 for only US$50 more. See our review by clicking here or on the picture.

Handspring to release new Visors Monday

September 13, 2001, 5:51pm PST
Retailer Fry's Electronics today prematurely displayed Handspring's new Visor Pro and Visor Neo products. Due to the mistake, we were released from our NDA and will soon put up reviews of the two products. Note that the products will not be offically announced nor available from until Monday, September 17. Click on the photos for a closer look. Click here to see our review.

In brief, the Visor Neo is a Platinum clone that comes in blue, red, and smoke colored translucent casing. It runs a 33MHz Dragonball processor, and Palm OS 3.5.3H3. It will retail for US$199.

The Visor Pro is another monochrome version that cosmetically looks like the others, but with a lighter silver casing, 16MB RAM, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for US$299. The new Fast Lookup feature that first appeared in the Visor Edge is also included in both products.

Trivia for uber-geeks like myself: tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the introduction of Handspring's Visor line in 1999.

Finally, please read our editorial on the atrocity committed on Tuesday appearing on the website's main page.

Funny couple of weeks...

August 31, 2001
Between now and the time of my last posting, there sure have been a lot of rumors flying around the Net. Rumors of new Palms, new Handspring devices. Even leaks from the FCC; and the great scooper site, which shall remain unnamed out of courtesy, guessed wrong about new products it thought were supposed to be released last week by Handspring and Palm. Both stock prices went down, perhaps as a result of this incorrect speculation, when dead to rights it should have been the news site's stock that fell. I think it may actually be misinformation given out by the two companies as sort of a mole hunt. I hope they identified their leakers. All that news is all over the net, so I won't bother to recount it here. Search for the words Palm m700, Palm i700, Palm m705, and Treo.

The FCC leak can be talked about. Apparently both Palm and Handspring neglected to check a box that would tell the FCC to delay their announcement of product approval until closer to their expected announcement date. So info about their upcoming products was released to the public, as is the case with all FCC approvals. It's an important lesson for two companies who will be doing a lot more in the wireless space in the future. I'm looking forward to both products, because my Palm 7x is showing its age. I sure would like it to support email paging.

If you own a Palm m500-series unit or a CLIE with OS 4, and you haven't heard about BackupBuddy VFS, you should check it out. This particular version runs on the Palm and backs up to the onboard SD, MMC, or Memory Stick. You can do complete backup and restore operations or backup and restore just individual files (note: BackupBuddy:Free only backs up and restores All files). You can even schedule backups for once a day at a given hour, or have it backup each time you turn the unit off. It's already saved me a couple times. Go to to learn more and to download a trial version. At US$4.95, you'll want to register and pay for it immediately.

Sony, Palm, and Kyocera reviews posted

July 3, 2001
Today I've put up the comprehensive reviews for the other three hot new Palm OS devices to debut in the first half of this year. Read our reviews of the Palm m500 and m505, the Sony CLIE PEG-N710C, and the Kyocera Smartphone QCP-6035. Be sure to visit our Palm Forum for questions, answers, or just to let us know what you think.

Screen Test

May 1, 2001; UPDATED again, May 10
See the results of my Screen Test to help compare the different types of screens now available for Palm OS computers, most noteably the new Palm m505. Two Pocket PC screens have also been tested as benchmarks for the two types of color screens. Now with Sony CLIE comparison shots, plus an addendum of the CLIE vs the m505 in weight and overall feel, since that's been a frequently asked question...

Questions? Comments?

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