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March 14, 2001

New High-Res CLIE for Japanese Market

Sony announced their new CLIE PEG-N700C in Japan today (if you read Japanese, go to the site). It is said to have a 320x320 pixel color reflective screen (WOW!), runs on the Dragonball VZ at 33MHz, has 8MB RAM and 8MB Flash (likely necessary to support the Japanese Palm OS), an audio player, video player, a TV recorder and player, and weighs 160 grams. Measurements are 71 x 119 x 17mm, roughly the same size as the PEG 300 sold in the USA. A mobile phone adapter is said to be available. Though this is released in Japan, it will "vary slightly" from the model that will be released in the US, according to my sources at Sony. Our current source for the rest of this news is the excellent Brighthand website. Thanks to Edward Green for posting the specs. It is not known when such a unit will be released in the US. Questions? Comments?

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