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March 12, 2001
Handspring's Edge

Handspring's new Visor Edge was announced today at their campus in Mountain View, CA, and simultaneously in London and New York. The new product is square, flat, and thin, with a metal body and metal flip lid that springs shut. The product will come in three colors: Red, which will only be available on Handspring's website, and Blue, and Silver, which will be in retail stores as well as the website. There is a single stylus that locks into place and releases with a press on its knurled edge. Its display is said to be an even crisper black and white than previous models.

The flip lid is removable, which reveals a card edge connector that is a "superset of the Springboard connector," according to Jeff Hawkins, who introduced the new product. Unlike other products that use piggy-back connectors for expansion, the Visor Edge comes with this adapter.

Using this adapter, Hawkins showed the Visor Edge working with the new Ideo eyemodule and the popular Visor Phone.

"When I designed the Palm V, I decided that we'd glue the case," said Hawkins. "But this time I decided screws were kind of pretty." So they included them in the design of the Edge.

Also demonstrated was the new Advanced Lookup feature, a software implementation that uses the four buttons on the front of the Visor Edge to quickly locate a phone number in the Address Book with just a few quick presses. It's much like T9, except that you enter a range of letters with only two buttons. As demonstrated, it looks pretty useful.

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