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November 1, 2000
Visors on sale at Target

Continuing their push to sell to new audiences, Handspring has arranged to offer their Visor handhelds in Target stores. The move will effectively add 900 storefronts to the list of places people can walk in and buy a Handspring product. The rollout will be done in phases, starting in Arizona this month, then rolling out nationally before the end of the year.

Palm CEO talks about new products

Carl Yankowski yesterday appeared on the On24 Financial Network to talk about Palm's future products and the state of Palm in general. In the brief interview, he revealed a lot about an upcoming product, the new Palm Vx, which he said would include the SD expansion slot, and an option of both color or monochrome screens. He then mentioned in rapid succession the following, which it was unclear whether would be included in the Palm Vx or just available: AOL-style instant messaging, server sync, and email notification, plus something he calls "RIM-type functionality." As expected, the new OS, which will presumably run on a StrongARM processor, should also debut in the second half of the year. Yankowski also mentioned the cool uses the US Navy has found for Palm OS computers onboard aircraft carriers, including on the USS Constellation. There, the landing signal officers score each landing on a Palm, then sync the device so the landing report is available to the pilot immediately after they get out of the aircraft. To see the video yourself, click here.

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