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August 7, 2000

New Palms Announced

Palm today announces two hot new products in their lineup: the Palm m100 (US$149) and the Palm VIIx (US$449), as well as some special edition Palm Vxs and some accessories that will be made available soon. The most newsworthy item was scooped by a few in the press who just couldn't wait, but we bring you more than a surreptitiously-obtained snapshot and a few dubious facts: we have a comprehensive review of the m100 and the Palm VIIx online now. -Shawn Barnett

Also announced today are the Palm Vx models (US$399), now available with two new anodize colors: Millenium Blue and Champagne, described as a gold color.

The Palm Ethernet Cradle will finally ship as well. It offers a 10 MBps communication with Palm's new HotSync Server software, and allows easy HotSync to the network with no host desktop computer necessary.

The PalmModem Connectivity Kit was also announced today, offering enhanced dialup for existing Palm III type computers, including the Palm IIIxe, Palm IIIc, Palm VII-series and the TRGpro. The kit includes a 33.6 BPS landline modem and three connectivity applications: AOL Mail, MultiMail Pro, and Yahoo! Messenger. The new modem kit will be available at retailers in late August. -Shawn Barnett

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