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April 24, 2000
Get the new Pen News PQA

I've been wanting to create a PQA (Palm Query Application) so Palm 7 users can wirelessly access our daily news feed, gathered by our cool News Man, Steve Holden. I just haven't had the time. Then last Thursday our new Wearables Columnist, Rick Johnson, came in and showed me how he's using his Palm 7 to remote-monitor the servers he manages. I told him of my dream, and the next day he came in with the application that makes my dream come true. Download the results here or on the site. Those without Palm 7's or OmniSky Minstrel V's can still download our AvantGo channel, from which you can even link to the sites mentioned in the news if you're still online. NOTE: If you downloaded the PQA prior to April 28, 2000, please download the PQA again; I made a better icon.

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