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Magic Cap/DataRover Online

This is an archive section and "time capsule" dedicated to Magic Cap. Pen Computing Magazine covered the promising Magic Cap platform from its launch in March 1994 through its haydays in 95 and 96 with the Motorola Envoy and the Sony Magic Link and finally its slow, painful decline. This section will now serve as a memory and monument to Magic Cap.

If you have anything to contribute to this "shrine," please email us

"Magic Mirror" columns

Coming Soon:
An archive of older Magic Mirror columns!

Software Resources
DataRover resources and links
  • Icras Incorporated
    DataRover Mobile Systems has changed its name again. It's now Icras and you can find extensive information on their new products by clicking the link above.
  • General Magic
    General Magic has removed the Magic Cap resources from their web site, but this is the company that started it all.
  • CujoChat by Josh Carter
    Looking for a "real world" application for your DataRover? Josh Carter has ported his popular CujoChat (an IRC Chat program) to Magic Cap 3.x.

Magic Cap v1.x resources and links

  • Magic Cap Newsgroup
    This is probably the best resource for selling, buying and trading Magic Cap devices, accessories and tips.
  • Wayne's Magic Cap Stuff (This link was misprinted in our 2/99 issue!)
    If you're looking for software for your Magic Cap v1.x device, this is the place to go! Wayne offers a ton of software for
  • Adam West's Offical Magic Link web site
    Adam offers unique decorating tips for your Magic Link, as well as extensive general informaiton on all of the devices based on Magic Cap.
  • Magic Cap Freeware
    Dozens and dozens of Magic Cap apps. hasn't been updated since 1996, but who cares?
  • CujoChat by Josh Carter
    Josh Carter's popular CujoChat (an IRC Chat program) is available for download at his Magic Cap web site.
  • Intuit's PocketQuicken for Magic Cap support site
    Many MCers are still using PocketQuicken (one of the best financial applications I have ever seen). This site is an old resource for troubleshooting and techincal support.

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