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Medical News Resource Guide

A comprehensive guide to medical resources for handheld and palmtop computers is now available from Australia in the form of The 2000 Guide to Handheld and Palmtop Computing Resources for Health Care Professionals. The new version contains 124 pages and over 300 useful resources for Palm, Windows CE, Psion 3/5/5mx/Revo, and Newton OS platforms. The new guide includes an introduction to PDAs for the novice handheld user. The guide also has a section relating to profiles of health care professionals subscribed to the guide. This section shows, for example, the most popular PDA used by subscribers, and a profile of the most sought-after software as requested by subscribers. Resources in the guide are categorized according to function. There are sections relating to Electronic Medical Records/Patient Tracking, as well as Clinical Reference Guides, Formulary/Pharmacopedic products and more. This new edition of the guide is the most comprehensive guide of its kind available. The new guide costs the same price as the version it supercedes. - D. Giangrasso

Price: US$10.00 Contact La Tella.BAppSc(Hons), PO Box 376, Summer Hill. 2130. NSW.Australia. or call +614 117 86904 Fax:+612 9351 9672, Voicemail (USA):(909)995-7237, European Voicemail:+1 (909)995-7237 Email: or

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