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April 26, 2008

Proporta’s New Dual Car Kit Charger

I am always impressed with what Proporta, my favorite accessory supplier, comes up with next. This time it’s a dual car charger. You plug it into your cigarette lighter receptacle; it has two USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously.

It comes with two cables. One has a standard USB connector on one end and a mini USB connector on the other. The second cable has a standard USB connector and a plug that will fit into a variety of adapters that come with the set.

You get three adapters that connect to iPod, Sony, and Nokia. None of these are of any interest to me, so I just pulled out a spare USB cable, and I’m set to charge up any two devices in my car and keep them topped off ready for use.

If none of the supplied adapters work for your specific devices, Proporta has a vast array of connectors. You need only ask, and there’s an excellent change they will have what you need. By the way, you get one free extra adapter of your choice with this bundle.

Personally, I try not to acquire any devices with goofy proprietary connectors so that I can just use a standard USB mini cable and that’s that. I apply this rule to my Windows Mobile devices, Bluetooth headphones, car kits, GPS receivers and units, camera, and any other juice-thirsty critter I may acquire.

There’s not too much more to say about the charger kit except that it comes in a nice velvety black bag with a drawstring. I guess I should mention that it has an orange interior giving it a sort of Halloween feel. Actually, it’s reversible if you want to turn it inside out and have an orange exterior. It seems Proporta anticipated this behavior because Proporta is printed on both sides. On the black side there’s a magnetic cable holder thoughtfully attached. You can also use the bag to protect one of your devices.

Aw, one more thing, I found tucked inside the bag two, red, window decals with the following inscription, “No GPS Stored in Vehicle.” This is a nice touch that could give a potential thief pause and save your windshield or windscreen as I’m sure the folks at Proporta would put it.

This handy accessory can be yours for $36.95, and shipping is free for the rest of the month. Check it out at Proporta.

Posted by conradb212 at April 26, 2008 07:28 PM