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September 13, 2007

Palm Teo 500V: A Triple Disappointment

Palm has just released the Treo 500v in Europe as an exclusive with Vodaphone, but it is a disappointment for three reasons.

Yes, it is a long awaited Windows Mobile 6 device, but it is a Windows Mobile Standard product. That means in the old terminology that it is a Smartphone. That means it is not a Pocket PC and does not have a touch screen—how sad. We keep hearing that Palm will make a WM6 upgrade available soon. I sure hope that this is not the upgrade they have in mind, for it is a step backward.

A second disappointment is that it has been released in Europe before the U.S., but I suppose that is the Palm pattern now as we recall the 700s and 750 releases abroad instead of in their own country. Why?

Palm just doesn't get it. They still have not included Wi-Fi on this new device. Why? Is it because Palm lets the telcos dictate to them? Get some cajones, Palm. The lack of Wi-Fi is the single biggest criticism of all the Palm products. I love my Treo 750 and appreciate its many unique features that make it a great phone and PDA, but the lack of Wi-Fi is really unforgivable and enough to stop many a buyer.

Here is a list of the major features:

• All-in-one “smartphone” with messaging, email and Web
• Full keyboard for fast and easy typing
• Automatic delivery of Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo!, and Gmail, email as it arrives1
• Large, high-resolution screen
• Internet Explorer Mobile full-featured browser1
• Access to Google Maps and eBay1
• Vodafone live! for news, sports, and entertainment on the go1
• 3G/UMTS network
• Planner with address book, calendar, to-do lists, and more
• View Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Adobe PDF files
• Windows Media® Player Mobile for music and videos
• 2.0 megapixel camera captures video too
• 150MB of memory, expandable with microSD expansion card2
• Windows Mobile® 6 Standard software
• Microsoft® Direct Push technology for delivery of Outlook® email1
• Bluetooth® wireless technology
• Device available in two colors: glacier white and charcoal grey

As far as I'm concerned, the Europeans can have it. Listen up, Palm: What I'd like to see is a WM6 Professional edition in the U.S. with Wi-Fi and all the great Palm enhanced features. Now that would be something to snuggle in your pocket. -- Tim Hillebrand

Posted by conradb212 at September 13, 2007 07:38 PM