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September 21, 2006

TenGO Update

While TenGO for Tablet/UMPCs will not be officially launched until October as V.2.0, it has been “soft launched” on Handango as V. 1.0 where it is available for $31.95 at

V.2.0 will probably have some new features such as an advanced tutorial and a transparency option so that you can see behind the TenGO input panel.

TenGO has also just released V 2.1 for Pocket PCs. It has improved memory resource management, updated language support for 11 languages, updated security feature, and an updated tutorial. It is available form the developer at for $24.95.
I’m glad to hear about the improved memory resource management feature because you have to install TenGO to main memory, and I am very jealous about what I allow there. I mean, for me to install something to main memory, it has to be like chocolate syrup on a banana split. I guess I would say that TenGO is like chocolate syrup on a banana split, and it has earned a place in my coveted main memory.

Posted by tim at September 21, 2006 04:02 PM