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A word about our website

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you enjoy the content we put up here. Our goal is to give readers of our print magazine a more timely resource for interesting news about hot products in the world of handhelds here in the Palm section, and about Pen Computing news in general on the front page. You'll find our front page is usually updated almost daily. Particularly hot products are often reviewed or previewed on the day they're announced, so be sure to check with us the moment you hear about something new. We also post articles from the magazine here for easy access to our archives. This is usually done after the issue has appeared on the news stands.

Because we are primarily a print magazine, however, long periods may pass before the platform sections are updated. We apologize for this, but the simple fact is that making a print magazine takes a lot more time, and the print magazine still brings most of the money we need to stay in business. We could spend eight hours a day and seven days a week making our website what it should be, but then there would be no magazine on the stands. Also, as a respectable print publication we observe all embargos and therefore do not post gossip and rumors. This means that sometimes we're not the first to break the news, but we do enjoy the confidence of the industry because they know they can trust us, and we work with all the companies in the field very closely.

Between issues, we work hard to spruce things up and update the information on the site, often in the evenings as we "relax" at home. We suggest you bookmark your favorite platform sections and visit them periodically, or better yet, subscribe to the page if your browser supports it, so that when we update it you get a notice from your browser to see what we've done.

If updates are spotty a times, that doesn't mean we're gone, just busy making the content that we hope will keep you informed and interested in both the magazine and the computing model that we believe is the future of mobile computing: Pen Computing!

In addition, since we have been publishing Pen Computing Magazine since 1993, the very dawn of PDAs and pen computing, we decided to make this site a running archive of all that has been happening as well as a site for news and current activity. There aren't many places where you can see how it all began, how things developed, which platforms and products turned out to be dead ends and which succeeded. It's all here. We need to do a better job separating older archival content from new entries, though it's usually easy to figure out.


-Conrad H. Blickenstorfer