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Palm Medical Software

A compilation of useful Palm OS healthcare applications

by Pen Computing staff


Have you ever wondered why every time you go to see a doctor you have to give your medical facts and stats to seven different people who then scribble it down on a piece of paper? It doesn't have to be this way. Doctors and other healthcare professionals now have access to a vast wealth of inexpensive, yet often invaluable, software that runs on Pocket PCs and Palm OS devices. These pages will give you an idea of what is out there. Encourage your doctor to use the power of handheld computing!

Designed by physicians for physicians, IMMasterCoder for Palm OS allows you to improve reimbursements with minimal documentation. This program walks physicians through a natural approach to documenting patient care. Record the precise services provided in simple steps so that you can be properly and quickly reimbursed. Compliance officers require proper coding and CMS imposes stiff penalties for incorrect billing. IMMasterCoder helps complying with complex rules of E&M coding, while educating in good documentation practices.

Developer: Ingenious Med
Price: $75

Clinical Orthopedics 2005
Everything orthopedic you can imagine, from head to toe. It includes emergency procedures, diagnostic procedures, detailed therapeutic and rehab info as well as many illustrations. Great for any primary care physician, resident or even a medical student. Every section is in the same basic format: epidemiology, pathophysiology, signs/symptoms, work-up, detailed treatments, extensive differential diagnosis, and even a few illustrations! At the end of each major section is a list of key references/resources as well. Fully edited by board certified Orthopedic Surgeons.

Developer: Pacific Primary Care
Price: $9.95

Bones for Palm 1.0
Bones is a guide for medical students, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistant and even doctors. Even for specialists, anatomy is sometimes hard to remember. Bones for Palm makes extensive use of graphics with 48 drawings of all the bones in the human body. All are labeled with the various process and important anatomic markings. An extensive glossary of orthopedic terms is also included. Whether you want to know what distinguishes a LeFort I and LeFort II fracture, or just can't remember what a Segond fracture is - Bones for Palm will help.

Developer: Medical Wizards
Price: $19.99

Davis's Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests
Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests, based on Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications is the ideal reference for medical/nursing students, physicians and nurses. This easy-to-consult product contains 398 monographs covering 664 tests including Alzheimer's markers, cancer markers, expanded therapeutic drugs, and communicable diseases. Also contains patient preparation guidelines, age-specific communication guidelines, CDC universal precautions, disease and organ panels, effect of natural products on tests, and nursing diagnoses.

Developer: Medical Wizards
Price: $43.99

World Book Health & Medicine Encyclopedia 2004
The World Book Health & Medicine Encyclopedia 2004 Handheld Edition features more than 1,460 records and 196 graphics. Use the built-in Index and Search features to find what you're looking for quickly.

Developer: Town Compass, LLC
Price: $9.95

WomanPlus 1.02
Woman Plus is a personal cycle tracking system that helps women plan their family life. The program lets you register menstrual cycle (like availability of cramps, intensity of bleeding, as well as appointments, headaches, sexual activity, protection, weight, etc. Woman Plus has a cycle prediction mechanism. Awareness of ovulation periods helps those who wish to become pregnant. WomanPlus also has reminders for birth control pills or other medication. The program provides detailed information about cycle history, temperature charts, etc.

Developer: GameZoneProject
Price: $14.95

MedFacts 1.0
MedFacts is a fully customizable medical database. It comes with over 800 facts already included. You can keep or delete the included facts and add your own facts and categories. You can sort by topic or category, both ascending and descending. Each form has its own help page and you can beam a record to another MedFacts user or beam your entire facts database. An export feature lets you export a fact to the built-in Memo Pad program. Facts are updated regularly and can be downloaded for free.

Developer: MedFacts
Price: $10

ERSuite for Palm 5.0
ER Suite is a premium quality medical calculator and rapid reference for emergency and critical care healthcare professionals. Version 5.0 has substantial updates and includes 19 task specific sections: PALS, PediCode, PediDrips, PediDrugs, PediFever, PediGrowth, Lab Normals, Normal Vitals, Heart Murmurs, Rashes, Immunizations, Dermatomes, PediOTC, Sedate Wizard, Abx Wizard, PediAbx, ACLS, Adult Drips, Calculators, Emergency Meds, Fluid Wizard, RSI Wizard, Toxicology, Whats It! (miniature drug guide licensed from FA Davis).

Developer: Medical Wizards
Price: $64.99

CardioMath 1.0.1
CardioMath is a calculator with over 50 commonly used formulas in cardiovascular medicine. It is designed to assist physicians, nurses, pharmacists, technologists, technicians, and others in cardiovascular medicine to perform essential day-to-day calculations accurately and efficiently. These formulas are also commonly used by medical professionals involved in intensive and emergency care, internal medicine and rehabilitation.

Developer: Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Price: Freeware

PocketBilling 3.0
PocketBilling is a stand-alone charge capture and tracking handheld app. It's a fast,easy, and intuitive method for physicians to capture charges for inpatient billing and tracking. Allows coding of E and M charges, procedures, and patient tracking without cards or scraps of paper. Fully customizable. Easy "pick and tap" format minimizes data entry. Easily beam or email patient lists to colleagues and billing clerks. Print lists and reports via infrared or export to Word. Version 3.0 has been in development for over two years and includes major enhancements in design, technology, security and underlying features.

Developer: PocketMed
Price: $59.99

PEPID Emergency Medicine Physician Software 5.0
Power package with over 1,500 medical presentations covering diagnosis, pathophysiology, treatment and disposition. Everything you need to address anything that can happen in the ER. Over 2,000 fully integrated medical, dosing and conversion calculators. Over 3,700 drugs in a comprehensive, easy to use pharmacological reference (Canadian drug names, too), including drug pricing and trade information. New dynamic drug interactions generator, capable of cross-referencing up to 40 drugs, herbal remedies, and OTC medications. Indexed with more than 7,000 terms and medications and 34,000+ data links. Trusted- Drug information derived primarily from the American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS DI) and developed in partnership with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Updated every 6-8 weeks, keeps you up-to-date on the latest drugs and medical information. You can use PEPID seamlessly with all Pocket PC memory cards, Sony Memory Sticks and Palm SD Cards.

Developer: PEPID, LLC
Price: $139.95

eMuscles 1.1
This is a digital atlas of the muscular system. 220 muscles are described including a diagram of the muscle, its origin, insertion, action, and innervation. Medical Piloteer also offers eArteries, eNerves, eBones.

Developer: Medical Piloteer
Price: $25

Infectious Disease Notes
This infectious disease reference manual includes sections on microorganisms, infectious diseases by anatomical location, prophylactic therapy for infections and for surgical procedures, index of the antimicrobial spectra, Index of the normal flora by anatomical sites and an exhaustive section of the pharmacology of antimicrobial agents.

Developer: PDA Medical Solutions
Price: $39.99

ZapBill Anesthesia 3.0
This is a special version of the ZapBill medical charge capture application that meets the needs of anesthesiologists. In addition to capturing patient demographic information, diagnosis codes and procedure codes, the anesthesia version captures anesthesia time and calculates time units. It also automatically determines the cross-walk anesthesia procedure code from the surgical procedure code. It contains complete ICD codes and procedure codes with easy look up features. ZapBill Anesthesia produces a complete billing record that can be used by your billing office to complete billing. Integrated with Datebook for patient input and MemoPad and IR capable for output. Hotsyncs information to the desktop.

Developer: ZapMed
Price: $139.00

5-Minute Clinical Consult
Whether you need to confirm critical diagnostic criteria before initiating treatment, or are trying to choose the best medical or surgical approach for a particular patient, Griffith's 5-Minute Clinical Consult, ensures that the information you get is current, accurate, and accessible. The latest edition of this quick reference delivers on-the-spot facts on more than 1,000 medical and surgical conditions. Includes basics, diagnosis, treatment, medications, follow-up, and miscellaneous considerations. For easy access and rapid information retrieval, all topics are current, arranged alphabetically, and cross-indexed to synonyms.

Developer: Unbound Medicine
Price: $64.95

Pocket Practitioner Office
PocketPractitioner Office contains a complete Handheld Patient Tracking and Coding & Billing application, a complete Desktop application, and complete Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and ICD-9-CM codes. This version offers a rock-solid business application built on Microsoft Access (runtime included), designed to keep track of billing for small and large organizations alike.

Developer: Pocket Informatics
Price: $149

INR Tracker
The INR Tracker calculates new suggested dosages of Warfarin based upon patient history. The Tracker assists you to meet the patient's INR goal range safely. Tracker synchronizes the patient's database to the PC database. The calculation of 'suggested' new dose is based upon the critical INR value from the lab report.

Developer: Claudragon Design
Price: $25.95

-C. H. Blickenstorfer