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April 14, 2008


Compared to the money transaction program I’ve been using, SplashMoney is the ultimate supreme being, the granddaddy of the universe. Instead of a black and white ho hum presentation, SplashMoney opens in full Technicolor with spiffy icons and lives up to its name from the first impression.

Delving deeper into SplashMoney, I found it to be a transaction recording program that probably has no equal. For instance, to my knowledge no other similar application allows you to access your bank accounts live online and sync data.

SplashMoney will allow you to create accounts for credit cards, loans, bank accounts and many other kinds of accounts. You can enter transactions, keep a running balance, create and print reports, pay bills, and synchronize data from handheld to desktop and vice versa. It will also import transactions into accounts. Of course, it will help you to keep your accounts accurately balanced as well.

You can even transfer funds between accounts online using SplashMoney. This program accommodates categories, classes, and split payments for detailed accounting and tracking purposes. You can do scheduled payments and reminders. It has auto-fill and memorizes transactions.

Reports can be customized, color adjusted, and even displayed as pie charts. They can also be synced and exported.

If you are budget-minded, no problem, you can set up budgets for anything you wish, track your progress, and generate reports. You can also keep a record of upcoming transactions for projection purposes.

If you are an international entrepreneur, you can setup currency conversions and automatically convert transactions as they are entered into the system.

For the security conscious, you can create a special password to protect your information. Splash money also offers Blowfish encryption for an even more secure environment.

There is much to appreciate about this powerful little bookkeeper. Try it for 30 days, and you will probably wonder what you ever did without it. It can be yours for $29.95. Visit www.splashdata.com to get your copy.

Posted by conradb212 at April 14, 2008 04:29 PM