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December 17, 2007

A great marriage: FlexWallet and eWallet 6.0

If you do not have an electronic wallet to keep all your important personal and business information organized and secure in one easily accessible place, you are missing out on the power of your Windows Mobile device. Everyone should have a digital wallet.

For several years now, I have been packing my particulars in FlexWallet, which has served me well and valiantly, for I could conveniently sync data between my desktop and handheld to keep everything up to date. However, recently, it seems FlexWallet developed a glitch and was appending multiple copies of the same record. Sometimes I would have 6 to 12 copies of the same item, which was bothersome.

While I have reviewed other similar applications, I never wanted to switch from FlexWallet because I was too lazy to key in the data all over again, and it was too much trouble to make sure all the fields matched in trying to create an export database. But, with this duplicate syncing situation, it was time to move on and get the problem resolved.

Serendipitously, I received a press release from Iliumsoft, the makers of eWallet, that a new version 6 had just been released and that it represented a merger with FlexWallet. All FlexWallet users could easily migrate to eWallet 6. Consequently, with practically no effort on my part, I was able to fix my sync duplication problem by switching to eWallet.

EWallet automatically reads FlexWallet files and converts them to eWallet format. EWallet’s desktop sync program works flawlessly by allowing you to specify exactly what and how you want to sync.

You can even import FlexWallet graphics so that you have exactly the same appearance that you were used to. Or you can go with eWallet’s decor. In fact, the eWallet screens are actually prettier. You can personalize the appearance of your eWallet with different background colors, text, and graphics.

I also like the way you can organize your data in a hierarchical tree view in eWallet by dragging and dropping.

Your sensitive personal information is completely safe from identity theft in eWallet with its new government level 256-bit AES FIPS encryption. You can password protect the wallet file as well as each record in the file.

Another exciting feature for eWallet users is the new Web Companion still in beta that will allow secure online access anywhere anytime. You can also download icon packs, background graphics, and a password generator—all FREE to registered users.

For $19.95, you can have the handheld version that works on all flavors of Windows Mobile devices. For $29.95, you can have the Windows Mobile version and the desktop version that allows syncing with multiple devices. Check it out at www.iliumsoft.com.

This application easily rates as a must have. It would make a welcome present for any Windows Mobile digerati.

Posted by conradb212 at December 17, 2007 08:25 PM