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May 11, 2007

Square Screen Games

Somehow I have ended up with two 240x240 low resolution screen devices that I have grown attached to. One is the HP iPaq 6925, which I like because of the built-in GPS. The other is the Treo 750, which I like because of its superior phone functionality. But, it is difficult to find games that work properly on them. Let me share with you a little bonanza of games I discovered that work on the square screen. They are all from

The back story on this game is that you are the savior of the dying world of Kuros. You accomplish your mission by discovering and reassembling ancient glyphs hidden under stratifications of rock and glistening stones. Match colored gemstones and bust through rock layers to expose glyphs. "Powerups" appear along the way to help you. You progress through five worlds and 125 levels. It takes some dedication and commitment to complete an entire game cycle, but you'll be well rewarded and entertained along the way. The nice thing is that you can just pick it up where you left off. Glyph is a kind of mindless, relaxing game good for when you are hold on the phone.

Download it here: Try it free before you purchase it for $19.95.

Everyone knows about Sudoku these days. It was first a sensational hit in Japan, perhaps more embraced by the old folks as a tool for keeping the brain exercised. Of course now it has spread all over the world.

Just in case you are not familiar with Sudoku, it is a simple game played on a 9 x 9 grid in which you must play unmatching numbers or objects. However, it's far more difficult than it appears. If fact, it can be downright frustrating and mind-bending.

Astraware's version has six levels of difficulty and allows you to use pencil marks to help you solve the puzzle. If you go online, you can download the puzzle of the day. You can even create your own puzzle.

This game is not a mindless relaxer. It's a real brain teaser, particularly in the higher levels. By the way, Sudoku is an abbreviation for a much longer Japanese phrase that means number may appear only once.

Download it here: The regular price is $14.95, but you can try before you buy.

Super Slyder
This is a fun game that can be addictive. You use a joystick button or arrows on the screen to set a ball in motion that travels until it hits an impediment. The object is to get the blue ball to bump into the green ball. Be careful though; there can be pitfalls along the way to make it more challenging. You will also encounter some allies that help you conquer the green ball.

Get your copy at This game is a bargain for only $9.95.

What are Chuzzles you ask? They are furry little colored balls with big animated eyes that look at you sadly most of the time. You can tickle them to make them squeak and sneeze. The object of the game is to drag a row or column of Chuzzles to match up three or more. It's simple, but it's fun and addictive. It's sort of a more snuggly Bejeweled game.

Get yours here: for $14.95.

Registered users can collect trophies, arrange Chuzzles in colorful patterns to solve puzzles in MindBender mode, and unlock the secret Bechuzzled game mode.

I must admit that this no-brainer game does raise the adrenaline a tad because you have to pop all the objects floating around the screen before they disappear off the screen. When you pop one object it can morph into something else or explode with a plethora of new objects to get rid of. I suggest that you install a screen protector before playing this game. It's surprisingly addictive. Another good one for when on hold on the phone. The graphics are superb, by the way.

Grab a copy here: It costs $9.95.

Cubis is one of those games I remember playing on a larger screen, and I was happy to discover that the Astraware version works on square screens. I must say that Astraware's version has terrific graphics compared to what I remember from the other version I had. It is more interactive with good explanations for beginners. The object is to remove various colored blocks by placing three or more adjacent to one another. It can be challenging in the higher levels for sure.

Cubis is another good on-hold game. Download a copy here: It costs $19.95.

Here's another old friend whom I remember from a previous lifetime on another machine. The scenario is that you have to destroy what appear to be colored soccer balls but are really dinosaur eggs. You are in a tension filled race against the clock to clear the screen. It's a fun action game that allows you to use the style or screen controls. It's a bit like playing pool as you can bank your shots off the side of the board. It's just plain fun game-not a mind bender. The graphics are great too.

There are two modes of play: Stomped, and Endless with Easy, Normal, and Hard levels of difficulty.

Go here to try it: The price is $14.95.

My Little Tank
Here's a shoot 'em up for you. Maneuver your tank through the battlefield to accomplish your missions destroying the enemy along the way and gathering powerups such as smartbombs, life bonuses, speed pills, invincibility, and weapons upgrades. There are 60 levels, so you won't run out of game anytime soon. Nice graphics and maneuverability. You can even choose the color of your tank like buying a new car and select the buttons you want to use for play. MLT is an action-packed buy at $14.95. Here where you download it:

Hammer Heads
If you have some time on your hands, check out Hammer Heads. The scenario is that there are some pesky gnomes destroying your lawn like gophers, and you are supposed to bash them with a hammer. Some are more difficult to kill than others. Some leave coins or hearts for health behind, and you have to collect them. It can get frenetic as the game progresses and you advance from the Classic Bash to the Marathon Bash to Tough Cookie. I'd say this is another good telephone on-hold game.

Get yours here: It costs $19.95 and is probably a whole lot better than paying a shrink $150 an hour.

Broken Sword: the Shadow of the Templars
If you download this game, you will need to do it to an expansion card because it is over 109 MB. Actually, you will need 250 MB of free space to install it because the CAB file must be copied first. During installation from your desktop via ActiveSync you will undoubted receive a failed to install error message. This is a WM5 glitch that happens when the install file is larger than the free space in main memory. Not to worry, just navigate to the Broken Sword CAB file on our storage card and tap on it to install it. Remember that this is a big file, and it will take a long time to install, so be patient. It's worth the wait.

This game is an intriguing adventure that begins when an American tourist George Stobbart witnesses the theft of a valuable manuscript and the elimination of its owner. Penned by the Knights Templar in the 14th century the manuscript points to the hidden seat of their power as Stobbart and a friend set out on a quest to reveal a deadly secret with life-changing consequences.
I hope you enjoy the graphics, creativity, and challenge of this engaging game.

While I have selected to write about games that work on square screen Windows Mobile devices, Astraware offers a plethora of other games that work on Palms, Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and Windows. The site is worth a visit at

I think you will appreciate being able to try the games free. When it comes time to buy, Astraware makes it easy. You can go the traditional route of purchasing and downloading to your desktop and installing via synchronization. But you can also download a CAB file and install it over the air without a desktop. This is a nice feature when you don't have a desktop handy. You can also pay with your phone using PayPal.

I found my visit to Astraware akin to a kid in a candy store. There's surely a sweet treat there for everyone.

Posted by tim at May 11, 2007 08:46 PM