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February 02, 2007

Second CES Favorite: Slingbox

I have to say that my favorite at the Sands Convention Hall was Sling Media's impressive exhibit. For a relatively small company, all the employees really pulled together to put on a great show complete with all their partners including Palm.

I had a nice meeting with Blake Krikorian the CEO and founder of SlingMedia. Krikorian had some real whammies to release at CES. For instance, one new product expected to be ready in the second quarter of 2007 is Clip + Sling, which will enable users to take snippets from a TV show to share with friends. CBS is joining forces with Sling Media to form a YouTube type community using this product.

Sling Media also announced SlingCatcher and SlingProjector. These applications will enable users to project Web content or any content from a computer onto a TV screen, which is the reverse of Slingbox. You don't even need a computer to stream Internet content to a TV screen with SlingProjector. Think of the possibilities. HP is going to pre-install SlingPlayer on its consumer notebooks.

Kirkorian also announced at CES that SlingPlayer and Slingbox have been enhanced and optimized to work seamlessly with the new Microsoft Vista operating system and will take advantage of the new system’s powerful video features.

Perhaps the most momentous announcement from Sling Media was that Slingbox is now available for Palm OS Treos. Previously, Slingbox only worked on Windows Mobile devices. So, that should make you Palmsters out there happy campers, and I recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity.

Sling Media even managed to score an Emmy award during CES for outstanding achievement in advanced media technology for the creation of non-traditional programs or platforms. Clearly, this innovative company has lots to offer and is really going places.

For more information on Slingbox, please read my recent review:

Posted by conradb212 at February 2, 2007 06:46 PM


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