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October 07, 2006

A Peculiar 2 GB SD/USB Expansion Card

As a student of archaeology, I learned early on how to operate a shovel. In my more advanced studies, I learned about an important aspect of human evolution—the shovel-shaped incisor. The curvature of the shovel-shaped incisor allowed greater surface area in a smaller lateral space that accommodated the subsequent reduction of the jaw in Homo sapiens, which probably contributed to speech as well. Recently, I received from a curious, more highly evolved SD/USB card that I would describe as shovel-shaped.
USBSD Card.jpg
The USB tab would be the handle of the shovel and the SD tab is the spade part. I am accustomed to the SanDisk version that you have to fold down to reveal the USB tab. Well, this one is fully circumcised and ready for business without the extra foreplay.

I always worried about what would happen if I clumsily broke off the fold down part. Now I see it wouldn’t matter one whit. Proporta’s clever engineers have simplified the insertion process no doubt after careful consideration and an appreciation of what really matters when you are in need of some extra daticular activity.

The only possible objection may be that when you insert the card into the SD slot, you are leaving a gap on either side of the USB tang that may allow dust to enter the port. Clearly, the obvious solution is to avoid using this card during a dust storm in the desert. Otherwise, a little pocket lint is probably not going to hurt anything.

With the proliferation of expansion card types, I try to stick to a single card that will fit as many of my devices as possible. That way, I can easily transfer data back and forth between my camera, laptop, desktop, Tablet, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones. While I may have created compatibility among my devices, the rub comes when I want to share data with someone who cannot accommodate an SD card. Fortunately, the USB slot is almost ubiquitous and a universal standard. That’s where this handy SD/USB card shines bright and saves the day because you can proudly plug this promiscuous puppy from Proporta into almost any computer.

What would make this card even more remarkable is if it were also a caddy or served as an adapter for a mini-SD card or even a micro-SD card…perhaps in future editions. Meanwhile, I’m very pleased to have this handy shovel in my toolkit for the easy transfer of data, which you can really pile up with the 2 GB capacity. I dig it, and so will you. This spade is an ace.

To get yours, go to It will set you back $109.95, which is about five cents a megabyte. Compare that to the price of the old 3 ¼”, 1.44 MB floppies that I seem to remember used to cost a buck a piece. Can you still buy those? If anyone wants any, I have a whole drawer full waiting to be shoveled out.

Posted by tim at October 7, 2006 09:47 PM