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Apple iPhone cases

We use Proporta's finest to protect our iPhone

by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer

One of the few problems with Apple's iPhone is that it looks so darn nice that you really don't want to hide it in a case. It's sleek, it's sexy, it feels good, and you just want to show it off every chance you get. Problem is, one good drop and the iPhone won't look so good anymore. I certainly don't want mine scratched, and so I'd been carrying it around in one of those little iPod "socks" -- hardly an optimal or elegant solution. So, as usual, it was Proporta to the rescue. Yes, I know, they're in the UK and they spell things weird, like "favourite" or "colour," but other than that they might as well be right here in the US. They ship stuff quickly for ust US$4.95 per order (try to get THAT shipping cost on eBay!!) and are just plain terrific to deal with. So I perused their extensive line of iPhone cases and here are my favorites (Yes, I tried them all).

Alu-Crystal Case

If you're so in love with the high-tech metal/glass/chrome look of the iPhone that you can't imagine carrying it around in a leather case, the Proporta Alu-Chrystal Case (US$28.95) beautifully complements the iPhones style and looks. The case is a total work of art made of a combination of clear scratch-resistant polycarbonate plastic and aircraft grade aluminum (or "aluminium" as those Brits say) with a cool anodized finish. The design is absolutely brilliant and a far cry from some other el-cheapo clear cases we've seen. Every detail is well thought out and everything just plain works. You simply slide your iPhone in from the top. Dense foam and rubber hold it in place while providing protection. Properly placed cutouts provide easy access to controls and ports. There's even a circular cutouton the back so you can see that nice chrome Apple logo! The clear protective cover is hinged at the bottom and doubles up as a stand. There's a removable belt clip attachment or you can used a supplied white handstrap. As nice as the pictures are, they actually dont do this case justce. It's terrific.

Flip Type Alu-Leather Sheepskin Case

If you like a more traditional "flip style" leather case that doesn't add a lot of bulk to the iPhone, Proporta's Alu-Leather Sheepskin Case. It's a combination of rich, soft leather with elegant overstitching and a sheet of rigid, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium to line the case, protecting the iPhone screen from crushing and impact. The iPhone easily slides into two leather-line metal clasps. All controls and ports are accessible. The latch at the bottom has a magnetic clasp closure on it so you don't have to fumble and press on it; it just finds and closes itself. This case comes with a sturdy belt-mount clasp that you can, but do not have to, use. If you don't use it, a small black blanking screw covers the thread where the belt clip attaching button would be. Very clever. This case comes in dark brown or hot pink. Despite the high quality construction and soft leather, it's just US$34.95. What a bargain.

Book Type Alu-Leather Case

"Book-style" or "Flip-style" cases are a personal preference. I am partial to the flip-type, maybe because a lot of the phone I am using are flip-phones and I am used to answering calls that way. However, should you prefer a "book-style" case, I can highly recommend the very elegant Proporta Alu-Leather case. It's made of soft, black leather with a sheet of aluminum inside the front cover to provide extra protection to the screen. Like the Sheepskin case, it has a magnetic latch that makes closing the case very simple. And like the Sheepskin case, a small black blanking screw covers the thread where the belt clip attaching button goes. If you want to use the very well made belt clip, remove the screw, screw in the clip button, and you can now carry the iPhone on your belt. The book-style case costs US$34.95.

So there, three excellent solutions to provide protection to your iPhone from one of the industry's best and most reliable providers of quality cases, cables, screen protectors and other things that protect and enhance your elecronic gadget investment. We've been using Proporta cases and products pretty much since the dawn of Pen Computing Magazine, and that is a loooong time.

Go to the Proporta website or directly to Proporta iPhone cases.