Pen Computing Issue #8

January/February 1996

Zaurus Software Review

Zaurus Mail

Email workgroup server

Sharp has introduced Zaurus Mail to enable corporate departments or small business to communicate while in or out of the office. The new messaging application for the Zaurus keyboard-enhanced PDA allows small workgroups of up to 20 users to exchange messages and Zaurus data using a single Windows-based PC that has the Zaurus Message Center server software installed.
Taking advantage of the device's built-in messaging client software, Zaurus Mail transforms the server PC into an electronic post office. providing workgroup messaging without the need to install a local area network or subscribe to a public email provider. Each copy of the server can handle up to 20 clients, and the system supports full passworded mailboxes. You can create and view individual messages or groups. When they connect to the server, either locally via infrared or remotely via modem, all the user's mail will be available in their individual In folder. Users can upload and download mail, as well as view the contents of their In and Out folders.
Zaurus Mail is not limited to Zaurus users. Messages from non-Zaurus users, such as phone messages or reminders, can be entered into the Zaurus Message Center software on the server PC. The server also supports the Motorola NewsCard pager and other paging systems for alerting users that time-critical mail has been received at the mail server.
Zaurus Mail is cost-effective solution for small workgroups with low volume mail usage. Zaurus Mail costs $99.

For more information call 800-BE-SHARP.