Pen Computing Issue #6

August/September 1995

Newton Software Review

PDA Panache Pens

Seriously stylin' stylii

You think you love your Newton Classic/100/110/120 now? Just wait till you wrap your digits around one of these beautiful and functional replacement pens from PDA Panache. At the risk of sounding like a marketing weasel, these little jewels are an indispensible addition to your life with a Newton. The pens come have a stout hexagonal brass body in either 24K gold or sterling silver finish. There is also a lighter version for the MP Classic/100 with a polished aluminum body. All design have smooth Delrin tips which the company will replace forever for a moderate shipping fee. PDA Panache eschews the spring-loaded design of the stock MP110/120 pens in favor of a smooth telescoping design. In my informal testing with two MP120 users, both agreed this design is more convenient. The pens feel quite solid in the hand and provide a much more positive tap feel over the lightweight stock pens. The MP Classic/100 model is a flattened hexagon shape that is more comfortable than the stock pen and much more attractive to boot.
While writing with a fine pen on paper is merely more pleasant than using an ordinary pen, using one of these fine stylii can actually improve the quality of what you write on your Newton. PDA Panache also makes a polished aluminum replacement pen for the Sharp Zaurus.

PDA Panache is at 800-270-7196. US$9.95-US$29.95.