Pen Computing Issue #11

July/August 1996

Pen Lab Review

Clipboard Link for Windows

Slick data transfer tool for Zaurus

Clipboard Link is one of those little utilities that doesn't do much, but what it does do becomes so indispensable you can't imagine it didn't just come with the Zaurus.

Parra Development has written an application that literally links the Zaurus to the Windows clipboard. Point the Z at an IR device and press send. The PC receives the record or set of records to the clipboard in a format that can be pasted into Word via RTF or as a table ready for anExcel spreadsheet.

On the reverse side, you can cut information from a Windows application and paste it into Clipboard Link ready to beam to a Z. Text items can be imported from the disk to the clipboard. If the item entered into Clipboard Link exceeds the Z's 16K limit, it will automatically be segmented into 16K chunks and loaded into multiple Zaurus entries. Items in Clipboard Link can be printed, saved to disk or beamed to the Zaurus.

Sharp and ACTiSYS IR devices are supported as well as ASK emulated ports like those found on some PCs.

I use Clipboard Link all of the time to send fragments of articles or bits of notes over to my PC. I also use it for keeping my Z memory clean by sending over whole letters for archiving on the PC. RTF mode imports complete documents, digital signature, formatting and all.

Clipboard Link works great on documents, activities, contacts and data files. I'm spoiled now, so I hope the next version supports notes, scrapbook entries and outlines.

Sharp is selling Clipboard Link bundled with an IR device under the name Application Partner (US$199). Clipboard Link is available as software only ($49.95) from Pygmy Software at 800-447-9469 or

- Dan Rasmus

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