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Dr. Conrad H. Blickenstorfer, Pen Computing Magazine's co-founder and editor-in-chief, has been a mobile computing enthusiast ever since he bought his first Apple Newton MessagePad in the Fall of 1993. As a former corporate CIO, Blickenstorfer knows both the business and the enthusiast side of mobile computing. His keen insights and his no-nonsense assements of products and strategies have earned him speaking engagements at numerous trade shows as well as invitations to give keynote presentations as far away as Taiwan. As a fan of Microsoft's Pocket PC and various other Windows CE platforms, Blickenstorfer was writing the Windows CE anchor columns between 2002 and 2005 of Pen Computing Magazine.

After issue #51, Pen Computing switched to a different, more industry-specific format and provided coverage of Windows Mobile devices and development in various places throughout the magazine as opposed to having specific platform sections.

January 2004: issue 51:
Familiarity breeds contempt, but not with the Pocket PC

September 2003: issue 50:
Pocket PC 2003: We got what we needed

June 2003: issue 49:
Pocket PC seems slated for a big move

March 2003: issue 48:
Let's hope HP's leadership will revitalize the Pocket PC market

December 2002: issue 47:
Is Windows CE stuck in neutral?

October 2002: issue 46:
The Conversation (which never ever took place)

August 2002: issue 45:
A missed opportunity?

Steve Bush, Pen Computing's Windows CE editor in 2001, got his start in the wonderful world of computers almost 20 years ago, as an assembler language programmer. After that, Steve spent many years consulting with numerous Fortune 1000 companies and then established himself as an expert in the handheld computing arena. Steve founded brighthand.com, one of the web's best meeting places to get the latest scoop on mobile technology (and also a very cool name). It was an incredible one-man effort and was, and is, a totally professionsl website.

I met Steve several times at the major mobile and technology trade shows in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Steve was one of those rare individuals who never had a chip on his shoulders, treated competitors with respect, freely shared information, and Steve was also kind enough to write several Windows CE anchor columns for Pen Computing Magazine:

July 2001: issue 40:
After Year 1: Has the Pocket PC been a success?

May 2001: issue 39:
Pocket PC and Wireless

Mar 2001: issue 38:
It takes a village...

Our initial Windows CE/Windows Powered platform editor Dan Hanttula covered all things CE between the time Microsoft introduced CE at the 1996 Fall Comdex in Las Vegas and late 2000. Though unfailingly polite in his columns and writings, Dan never pulled his punches, and his commentaries and observations were almost always dead on the mark.

Hanttula was equally at home analyzing the big-picture developments in the mobile field as he was enthusiastically playing with the endless flood of Windows CE software that was available back then. He especially distinguished himself with hs annual roundup of Windows CE golf software. There are those who say that had Microsoft paid more attention to Dan Hanttula's suggestions, Windows CE would be the undisputed Number One much sooner, rather than getting clobbered obver and over again by Palm. Hanttula moved on to being a major contributor to Hal Goldstein's Pocket PC Magazine than has now morphed into covering smartphones.

Here are some of Dan's columns

Jan 2001: issue 37:
The need for standards

Oct 2000: issue 36:
Free upgrades and other good stuff

Jul 2000: issue 35:
Windows CE powers up

May 2000: issue 34:
Pocket PC -- A good launch

Mar 2000: issue 33:
Introducing Pocket PC

Oct 1999: issue 30:
Free upgrades and other good stuff

Aug 1999: issue 29:
What in the world is Microsoft (not) doing with Windows CE?

Apr 1999: issue 27:
Love is in the air

Dec 1998, issue 25:
On Jupiter

Oct 1998, issue 24:
The palm-size addiction

Aug 1998: issue 23:
Windows CE and Microsoft's legal wars

Jun 1998: issue 22:
Rocking the boat

-Conrad H. Blickenstorfer